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Fertility UK is the national fertility awareness & NFP service for the UK
The service provides comprehensive and objective information to the general public and health professionals on all aspects of fertility awareness. Fertility UK services include:
  • fertility awareness education for couples planning pregnancy
  • natural family planning (NFP) teaching for couples avoiding pregnancy
  • online list of contacts for local accredited NFP teachers
  • accredited training days and courses for health professionals.

COMING VERY SOON ...The Complete Guide to Fertility Awareness by Jane Knight published by Routledge November 2016
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Clinical Guidance on Fertility Awareness Methods published by the Clinical Effectiveness Unit of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
Clinical Guidance on Fertility Awareness Methods June 2015

Peer-reviewed chapter on Fertility Awareness methods by Cecilia MM Pyper & Jane Knight
providing the Scientific Background of Fertility Awareness Methods The Global Library of Women's Medicine

Information contained here is for interest only.
To use this method effectively - a full course of instruction by an experienced fertility awareness practitioner is strongly recommended.

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