This section provides information on observing, recording and interpreting the indicators of fertility. When a combination of indicators is used, this is often called a multiple indicator approach. The method used here is the sympto-thermal method, in which temperature charting is combined with observation of the cervical mucus symptom. Checking for changes directly at the cervix is optional. Other secondary or minor indicators of fertility may be observable as additional signs.

With time and experience the fertility indicators can be used to determine the fertile and infertile phases of the cycle. This knowledge can be used for planning or avoiding pregnancy.

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The Indicators of Fertility

The First Indicator - Temperature
Recording and Charting Temperature

Choice and Use of Thermometers

Interpreting Temperature Readings

The Second Indicator - Cervical Mucus
Recognising Cervical Mucus

Recording Cervical Mucus

Interpreting Cervical Mucus

The Third Indicator - Cervical Changes

Recognising Cervical Changes

Recording Cervical Changes

Interpreting Cervical Changes


Calender Calculation

Interpreting Sympto-Thermal Charts


Download blank Sympto-thermal Chart

Microsoft Excel format

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