FertilityUK is the national fertility awareness service for the UK. We are committed to providing evidence-based information to the general public and health professionals on all aspects of fertility awareness.

FertilityUK provides:

  • education in fertility awareness for women at all stages of reproductive life

  • support for couples wishing to optimise their chances of pregnancy

  • instruction in fertility awareness methods (FAMs) as an effective means to avoid pregnancy

  • support for breastfeeding mothers using lactational amenorrhoea method (LAM)

  • access to a UK-wide network of trained and accredited FAM practitioners

  • bespoke lectures and study days for health professionals and others in health education

  • advanced skills training in fertility awareness for health professionals (valid for continuing professional development credits from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care)

News and Forthcoming Events

FertilityUK Study Day: Saturday 11th May 2019

The next FertilityUK Study Day will be held on Saturday 11th May 2019 in The Barclay Room, Green Templeton College, Oxford - a lovely venue in the city centre. The Study Day provides an update for trained FAM practitioners. The study day is open to all health professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of fertility awareness methods. Register here through PHAST or Contact us for further details

Advanced Skills course in Fertility Awareness 

The next Advanced Skills course in Fertility Awareness will be held in Oxford starting in May 2019. See Health Professional page for further details.

Fertility Friday Podcast: Lisa chats to Jane Knight

Listen to Lisa Hendrickson-Jack talking to Jane Knight about 

  • The development of The Complete Guide to Fertility Awareness

  • Factors which impact the effectiveness of FAMs

  • The benefit of combining indicators

  • The importance of high quality, standardised teaching and training

Click here for the Fertility Friday Podcast and here for Apple Podcast 


Complete guide to Fertility Awareness

The Complete Guide to Fertility Awareness by Jane Knight, published by Routledge. Order from Amazon