About FertilityUK

FertilityUK is a national fertility awareness service which provides factual information and support for general health education, planning and avoiding pregnancy.  Our practitioners are trained to help couples to either optimise their chances of pregnancy or to use a combination of fertility indicators to provide an effective family planning method. Couples who are avoiding pregnancy either abstain during the fertile time (natural family planning) or use barrier methods (mixed method use).

FertilityUK is an independent secular service. We teach women or couples of all religions or no religion – instruction is purely from a health perspective. Most practitioners on our network are based in NHS contraception and sexual health services teaching FAMs alongside other methods of family planning but some work independently. 

About Jane Knight, Director of FertilityUK

Jane Knight is a fertility nurse specialist with over 30 years’ experience teaching fertility awareness in NHS and private practice. Jane sees women or couples privately at the Zita West clinic in London or can arrange sessions by telephone/Skype/email.  She is an experienced fertility nurse counsellor who supports individuals and couples at all stages of pregnancy planning - from natural conception through to all forms of assisted fertility and beyond.

Jane was the UK Principal Investigator for the European multi-centre study on the probability of conception on different days of the menstrual cycle. She trains health professionals in the UK and internationally and has authored several books.